Global Relocations’ Tips: Saving money on moves


Moving from one home to a new one can be plenty stressful. We at Global Relocations get calls from customers looking for the best movers, in the hopes that the right professionals can help in making sure that the moving experience is only as stressful as it needs to be.

Moving to a new place carries a lot of weight, both in the figurative and in the literal sense. In the figurative sense, moving to a new home possibly means leaving behind what you had and cherished in the old home and adapting to your new environment, whilst in the literal sense, you will be dealing with the burden of all your furniture, and not all of that is light. Here, at Global Relocations, we believe in making sure that the moving experience is as simple as it needs to be, giving quotes on the best movers, and pointing our customers to the best people for helping them move.

We have some tips for people looking to move, which we think can help lighten the load on your wallets. Everyone likes saving money.

  • Ask for assistance. On the occasion that you have to move because of a job, whether because your current employer asked you to move, or you have a new employer that requires you to move, it may not be a bad idea to ask if your employer has any sort of relocation assistance program. If nothing else, asking coworkers, friends and neighbors to help with the move couldn’t hurt.
  • It’s a timeline. Plan out your move and what you’ll be doing in the weeks prior and, if you find it necessary, following. A good plan for dealing with these things is very useful, if nothing else for giving you a good idea of what the process will actually entail. The schedule isn’t rigid, but, all the same, it’s smart to pack stuff in advance. Keeps everything organized, which helps save money.
  • It’s not junk, it’s treasure. Ok, not necessarily keep everything. By this, we mean, you have that one box that you always have with you at all times. What’s in this box? Packing tape, writing materials, important documents, medications, hygiene products, and so on and so forth. Basically, it’s the stuff you really need. Save yourself the trouble of sorting through the dozen boxes you have looking for these things, and keep them close.
  • Keep it clean! Once you’re done packing up a room or an area, it’s a good idea to clean it, as soon as possible. The cleaning process will allow you to check what you’ve packed, keep the packing process as efficient as possible, and save you the money you would spend on hiring the cleaners for your house. Also, a clean rented property gets refunds on security deposits, meaning that cleaning can save you quite a bit.